We are Cineworx.

A film production company from Bavaria, Germany.

Cineworx produces films and photos. Corporate content for internal and external communication, commercials, music videos… you name it.
We are mesmerized by aesthetic images which transport a message.

If you have any questions, please contact us!


Here are some projects, we are very proud of. Click the pictures for more info:

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Our Services

What can we do for you?


You got the idea but don’t know how to transform that into moving pictures? We do!


As a one-stop-shop we offer a broad range of film-production-services to create your movie.


Our films range from commercials to corporate as well as music videos… and many more.


We stream your event. Providing simple setups to multi-camera environments… Let’s go live.


You got a special request project? Tell us about it , and we’ll give our best to find a solution for you 🙂


You need equipment? We got it! You can find all you need in our rental online shop:


Want some eyecandy? There you go, please watch our work:


What's the price for my movie? The unsatisfying answer is: It depends! Our projects range from 1.400€ up to 60.000€ and above.

A small 30-second Interview shot one one camera is a little cheaper than e.g. big 4-day commercial production with actors, multiple departements and a professional director.

If we know, what you need, we can pin a price-tag on it. So please contact us for a detailed quote.

But: To give you a rough idea about our price structure, we vaguely calculated some basic formats:

Basic Videoshoot

starting at:

1.300 €

(All prices excl. MwSt. / VAT.) *
One shooting day max.
Basic recording setup
1/2 day editing (approx.)
Regular creative imaging

Medium Shooting

starting at:

2.800 €

(All prices excl. MwSt. / VAT.) *
One shooting day
Multicam setup
Medium crew on set
1 day editing (approx.)
Advanced imaging

Large Shooting

starting at:

5.200 €

(All prices excl. MwSt. / VAT.) *
High-end project
Large scale shooting
Several Departements
Multiple days editing
Distinctive imaging


ask us

Accompanying photos
Graphic & motion design
Drone footage
and many more...

Pricing Examples

We calculated some pricing-examples to give you a first approximation of what your video costs.

Client Testimonials


Don’t hesitate to contact us anytime. We’d be happy to hear from you!
By the way: We compiled all common questions in our FAQs.

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