Type: 2x Musicvideo
Client: LaBrassBanda / Universal Music
Agency: Universal Music

Our longtime musical heroes “LaBrassBanda” wanted to create two new music videos. There is no expression how blessed we felt, when they asked us to help them with this task.

In total, we had 5 shooting days to create those two videos… that’s not much time for all the amount of scenes we had. But with the extraordinary help and network from LaBrassBanda, we made it. And boy: Are we proud of the result!

What did we create? / Musicvideo “Discobauer”

What did we create / Musicvideo “Kaffee vs. Bier”


The director of the video “Kaffee vs. Bier” – Sebastian Riepp – and Stefan Dettl (LaBrassBanda) had the idea to implement a car stunt at the beginning of the video. Alrighty then, let’s do it.

To ensure safety of all people on set we connected with a stunt driver and closed down the entire road in consulation with the local administration. It felt amazing to see a stunt go exactly as planned.


LaBrassBanda wanted to show the band members dancing in a fancy disco-style way. In particular parts of the music video “Discobauer” we created the look of famous 60’s music videos with some greenscreen magic.

The footage of those recordings was also the foundation for a lot of social media content which was created afterwards to promote the new song.

Behind The Scenes

Those two music videos had it all: Extensive light design, stunt drivers, dancers, costumes and even a huge disco ball. It would be a shame not to give the audience some proper look behind the scenes!

So we created a series of short videos with our b-unit. The behind the scenes-videos made the fans and audience curious about the upcoming video and gave an intimate insight into the world of a music video-shooting.

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