Here are some of the common questions we get on a regular basis. If your questions is not answered with the Cineworx-FAQs, feel free to ask us anytime. We are looking forward to hearing from you!


Here are the most common questions regarding your production with Cineworx.

It depends on the project! For small shootings, you need not that much staff, equipment and resources than for a big shoot. We added an approximate price table on our starting page. That helps to give you a rough idea of the price ranges. To get a more detailed offer, please tell us about your idea. You can contact us anytime, we’re happy to hear from you!

Cineworx has been starting to produce films in 2014. We have worked with industry leading companies like MSD, Schleich, GEMA, Deutz-Fahr and many more. Please see our work and project references. So we can proudly say that we have some hard earned experience in producing films. Cineworx has a broad range of services: It ranges from planning  a shoot to producting corporate-films, music videos, social media content, and many more. We also rent our equipment and have a setup for livestreaming. Please also see our client-testimonials for reference.

If have need a specific deadline planned for your film, please inform us in advance. So we can give you a detailed breakdown of our production timeline to fulfill the requirements. If no deadline is set, cutting a basic 3-minute-movie takes about one to two weeks. When the creative style of the movie is advanced (detailed b-roll, etc.), the delivery can take a little longer.

We put the data from the shoot in our digital archives for 5 years. After that, all data is deleted. If you want to archive it , contact us for a buyout of the raw-footage.

We have our homebase exactly in the middle of Rosenheim and Munich in Bavaria – Germany. Of course we do travel to shootings which are far-off. We do productions all over europe – mainly in Germany and Austria.

We have a competent network to severel marketing-agencies and social-media-marketers. They are specialists in getting your video seen. If you want to include markting in your project, please inform us. We can give you a special discount when this service is included.

We usually include the rights for unlimited online usage. For more use-cases, please tell us where you want to show the video, so we can make you a detailed offer.

No. The images are created by cineworx and therefore protected by copyright. In Germany, copyright is an personal-right and conclusively not transmittable. That’s why there is the “rights of use”. Those rights allow you to use the final movie created by Cineworx.

Of course. Cineworx can transmit the rights of use. The parameters for this are:

  • Location – Where do you want to use the raw footage? (Digital domains also do count as a “location”)
  • Time – How long do you want to use the images?
  • Editing – You want to edit the pictures in your way or give them to a third party for editing.

We offer 2 revisions by default. A revision is the request for a change on the existing cut. A revision can consist of only one change or a summary / list of many changes, e.g. the request for removal of many scenes but also changes in lower thirds.

Please note that the most times, rising costs in a project are caused by too many revisions.

Our tips on efficient revisions:

  • Make sure, that the decision-makers are involved early in the project.
  • When it comes to approval of the films: Also ensure, that all people who are authorized to make decisions see the current edit of the film and give their feedback on it. Afterwards condense all feedback into an email, so you don’t cause costly change loops over budget.
  • try to avoid changes after the final delivery of the movie. Those changes are always connected to additional costs because all project data has to be restored from our archives.


What are the first steps of planning a movie with Cineworx?

Communication is key! Tell us about your idea and let’s talk about it! When it comes to ideation, no input is forbidden… we want to help you to make your vision be seen by the world out there. Be sure that Cineworx has some sparkling ways to create your movie.

Of course we can! Scripting an pre-visualization is an important part of pre-production. We have the tools and imagination to make a detailed plan for it.

We have a variety of technological options for your production. Ranging from small cameras and simple light / audio setups to big studio setups with cinema-cameras. The budget technological side of planning a production depends on your requirements on quality. We can provide almost all solutions for every budget.

We offer location-scouting services, if needed. Most times, it is recommended to check the locations in advance… so you can control lighting, sound, and all other aspects which are important for producing an engaging image. If there are permits needed, we take care of it. Please note, that additional costs for permits are not included in the original offer. The simple reason for that is: The price of these costs can not be predicted precisely in advance because every administration has their own pricing for shooting-permits.


When it comes to shooting, these questions come up frequently:

A shooting day is 8 hours long. Breaks are – of course – not included in working hours. Please note that working time starts when we leave the office or hotel to drive to the set. It ends, when we arrive at the office / hotel again. This is important to line up with german legislation regarding working-hours.

When the regular time of 8 working hours is exceeded, this is called overtime. Due to unforseen circumstances overtime is possible while shooting.

If overtime is caused by non-controllable external factors (e.g. weather, acts of nature, accidents, illness), the client will not be charged by any means. If overtime is caused by the client (e.g talent availability, time management, productions resources from client-side) we charge per additional hour.

Yeah, of course. If we shoot at your location, you can prepare the facility for the shoot:

  • Availability: Please make sure, the desired shooting-location is free in the respective time slot.
  • Loading: Most times we have to load heavy equipment for shooting. Keeping the distance from loading bay to the set short and cleared helps us. If we are shooting on upper floors, a service / freight elevator is advantageous.
  • Room / Space: We need a little room for equipment on set.
  • Electric outlets. We need some power outlets for our equipments. Please provide a few standard 220 Volt outlets.
  • Sound: If there is noisy equipment in the shooting area (e.g. a phone, printer, ventilation or a loud refrigerator), please make sure it can be turned off / temporarily removed from set.

That depends on the size of production. This factor will vary from shoot to shoot. We will inform you in advance, how many personal will be on set.

No, it isn’t. We bring all the lights needed for creating beautiful images. Perhaps we will use some of your lights as practicals.

If there is a catering-area in your facility, we would be delighted to use that if possible. If we are shooting off-site, we can take care of catering. Please note that the costs for catering are additionally charged.


Here are the answers to our variety of products:

We have a lot of different products. Mostly ranging from corporate films, advertising, music videos, social-media-content to event recaps. Contact us anytime to help you with your idea for a movie.

Besides film-production we offer other media too. For example: On-set-photography or an accompanying photo-production is often a parallel requirement for a shooting. Of course, we can provide you with a media mix. Even voiceover-production on set is offered by Cineworx.

Of course we also deliver voiceover and music for your project. We have a broad range of voiceover talents in our network. Before we hire an voice actor / actress, we give you some voice-samples for approval. That also applies to the choice of music. We will deliver some suggestions for suitable music in advance.


Live-productions can be challening. Here we collected some important questions:

It depends on the size and requirements of the live-production! The factors are pre-production, production, streaming infrastructure and post-event deliverables. Please describe your plan to us, so we can scale an appropriate streaming-package for your needs.

Nothing easier than that! For small to medium sized productions, we recommend up to 4 camera angles.

Yes! We have a mobile backup solution that reconnects the livestream when the main LAN-connections breaks down. Premise for this kind of backup is a reliable availability of mobile data.

If desired by the client, we also do provide technical support during the livestream. By the way: The most common factor of a disrupted stream is a weak internet-connection from the viewer.

Of course. Please tell us in advance, which media you want to integrate into the stream, so we can provide the corresponding technical backbone and connections. It’s mission-critical to test external integrations in advance, so there is no failure during the live-event.

Yes, with an IBM-Streaming-portal, we are able to put up live interaction, such as Q&A sessions or audience engagement. The integration of external speakers by video is a complicated and ambitious undertaking which requires a lot of testing and connection sercurity. In the majority of use-cases, the implemention of external speakers by chat or pre-produced content is the most cost-effective and reliable way of communication.

Yes, we can do that. Please note, that there often are restrictions on each of those portals. Like e.g. owning a user account to interact / chat. We also need your access-data to the corresponding platform, to setup the event in advance.


We rent our equipment. See some answers on this topic:

Currently we are working on a shop-system for our equipment. Until that is finished, we can give you an individual offer for your project.Please contact us to describe, what equipment you need. With that information, we can tailor a custom quote for you.

We have a variety of cameras, lights, sound equipment, grip and accesoires. We also rent our transportable streaming-setup. If you have somthing in mind, please contact us to find a fitting solution to your needs.

The rent-prices are calculated on a daily basis. We don’t rent half day rates. You can bring back the equipment on the day of rent anytime until 23:59. If the equipment is returned on the following day, we reserve the right to calculate a 50% surcharge.

Of course we can. Please describe your project to us, so we can give you some recommendations to scale a package for your needs.


Don’t hesitate to say hi anytime. We’d be happy to hear from you!

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