Type: Employer Branding Campaign
Client: MSD (Merck Sharp & Dohme) Germany
Agency: Ketchum

It’s a pleasure to work with enthuastic and likeable employees as actors & models. Exactly that happened, when we were assigned to create an employer branding campaign for MSD.

We were lucky to shoot in a production facility and also in the Munich headquarters of the global operating pharma company.

What did we create?

Additional Photo-Campaign

A big part of the MSD-campaign was a photo production. Those images are used on external career websites and – of course – on the MSD homepage.

We are portraying employees of MSD – not actors – in their offices. Their colleagues sometimes even held real meetings in the background. So we can proudly say that we created the most realistic form of corporate-images.

Cleanroom working conditions

To give the viewer a rare look into the working conditions of a pharmaceutical company, we were able to film behind the scenes footage in one of MSDs production facilities.

Those production sites have extremely high standards regarding contamination and security. Nonetheless, we managed to arrange a setup consisting of cameras, lights and skilled staff to fulfill all of the demands.

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