Type: Product-Marketing Campaign
Client: Schleich Germany
Agency: Cineworx

This one is big – in the truest sense of the word! The world-renowned toy manufacturer “Schleich” took a step forward and put their giant figurines on the market.

Cineworx supplied Schleich with all necessary media for their launch campaign. Wow, we were really impressed by those animals!

What did we create?

Video abspielen

Digital Compositing a Trex

One of the biggest challenges was the biggest figurine: A huge Trex. Due to it’s size and availability, we could not transport this model to our shooting-location.

The workaround was to shoot the Trex in front of a unicolor-backdrop – in that case in an departement store. After that we took image-plates of some surroundings – in this case the garden – and digitally insert the photos of the Trex.

Indoor and Outdoor Photography

Our assignment was to produce photos for 6 new figurines of all sizes. Even a flying parrot was part of the ensemble. We managed to safely transport the figurines to our location and produced a wide series of motifs

The goal was to show the figurines in their natural habitat: The garden or house of a family… because not only children love Schleich-figurines!

2D-Style Animation

Our portfolio for Schleich did also include the creation of 2D-styl-animations… in this case reels for social media. With pre-shot product pictures from the collegues in USA, we animated different scenarios with Schleich figurines.

For example: All animals hopping out of a gift box. Or farm animals living their best life in the paper-crumble-styled nature. The fun thing is: There are no creative boundaries when creating those magical worlds!

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