Type: Crowdfunding Campaign / StartUp
Client: Bodegary
Agency: Cineworx

A young & innovative beverage startup from Munich wanted to show to a broad audience, what they are capable of. Bodegary revolutionizes the way of ordering wine online by giving advice and recognizing the individual taste of wine-afficionadas.

So we developed a visual concept and condensed their great business-idea into a series of witty films.

What did we create?

Multicam-Setup & Teleprompter

To achieve a bigger variety in the interview-style location, we shot the “talking heads”-contributions on three cameras. This gives us the opportunity to choose the right framing for each statement.

In addition to that, we worked with a teleprompter. The reason for  this is the tight schedule for the shooting day. So: All preparation and scripting was done in pre-production to ensure a quick production process.

Greenscreen & Compositing

One idea of Bodegary was to do a caricature of “wannabe-wine-connaiseurs”. We loved that and set up a quick greenscreen setup to build a digital background around the fictional characters.

The usage of a virtual background was perfect for the packed shooting schedule, so we didn’t have to change to a real-life-location. This allowed us to produce a lot of content in a comparatively short amount of time.

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