Type: Architecture / Property Video
Client: Hasenöhrl-Hof
Agency: Cineworx / Self

Taking a few days off at a remote mountain-lodge in the most southern part of Bavaria is a wonderful thing. Creating a video about this chalet is even more amazing!

We had the opportunity to spend the whole day and night in this lodge to create some atmospheric pictures. The goal was simply to show the “Hasenalm” and it’s breathtaking surroundings.

What did we create?

Motion Control

To achieve some really smooth shots in the interior and exterior of the Hasenalm, we used a fully programmable electric slider. The precision and repeatability of this tool allowed us to completely focus on shooting accurate and well-crafted sequences.

Our slider carries a fully-rigged Blackmagic cinema camera and is also suitable for creating steadily moving shots, for example for interviews. To check the framing and assure the overall quality of the picture, we use a wireless video connection.

Night Shots

Low light is no problem for us. Even with only available lights (e.g. the exterior illumination of the Hasenalm), we can create moody motifs. Night shots emphasize the beauty and wooden structure of the chalet and focuses the viewers attention on these lovely surfaces.

And even if there would not be enough available light to smoothly illuminate the scene, we are equipped with powerful lighting equipment to turn night into day.

Aerial Footage

To see the Hasenalm from a birds-eye perspective is a pleasure. This reveals an unknown visual dimension and opens up a new perspective on the monumental mountain scenery.

Creating these kinds of wide-angle-shots varies the viewpoint and give the film a valid counterpoint to close-up interior shots. Seeing the Hasenalm and the surrounding mountains from high above was a beautiful experience for us.

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