Type: Documentation & Product Movie
Client: Bioland
Agency: Cineworx

We are more than delighted to produce some documentary-style imagefilms for one of Germany’s biggest bio-food-manufacturer: Bioland.

To achieve maximum authenticity and portrait the ecologically sustainable art of growing food, we were shooting 5 farmers all across southern Germany.

What did we create?

Aerial Recordings

What would a documentary about farmers be without stunning aerial recordings? Right… pretty ordinary. So we decided to integrate nice wide-angle-shots of the surrounding area and fields of the Bioland-farmers.

This gives a good overview of the vast scales of land they have to take care of. Also: It’s amazing to see rural Germany from the bird-eye-perspective.

Product Documentation

Our main task on this shooting was to picture the sustainable way of producing organic food, mainly vegetables and greens. Therefore, the farmers showed us their way of working. We wanted to illustrate their craft as authentic as possible, so we asked them to recreate their usual steps in farming.

The result are honest and personal films about Bioland-manufacturers. On top of that, all farmers did their own voiceover on their work… because nobody has more expertise than the experts!

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